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 Office Organizer
  Software system of communication, mail program (for Internet and office local network), personal and network organizers for using by company employees in office local network or for offline usage on a single computer. Mail program and organizer(from Office Organizer) may be free used instead of Microsoft Outlook.
  The software is provided as Freeware for single user or as Shareware in relation to total number of connected users of the program in office local network.

  Office Organizer is a software programs package designed for interaction between computers of organization or company(in office network) and provides the following functionality:
  • client mail program (for Internet and office local network) and mail server program;
  • real-time communication channels for users(chat etc.);
  • Public(for users groups) or personal organizer with adjustable data fields.
  • Database with adjustable data fields and tables (database program includes: notes or note-book, address book).
Office Organizer - Windows of the program
   No external database or any other components or software is required. The software is designed for working under the operation systems Windows 95/98/NT/2000/2003/XP.

  Download Office Organizer.

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Office Organizer:

   Сетевой органайзер
   Чат для локальной сети
   Почтовые программы
        Почтовый клиент
        Почтовый сервер
        Удаленный просмотр почты
   База Данных программы
        Разработка и создание базы данных
        Примеры баз данных
        Адресная книга
        Записная книжка
   Поисковая система
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